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July 22, 2008


Frank Ray

There was a true conservative elected in Utah during the recent primnary with the help of a group that is focused on getting representatives elected who don't buy into earmarks. Check them out and see what you think...they really do a great job of explaining the problems in 9 to 12 minute segments and it names names and exposes how the special interested work hand in hand with Incumbents to misuse the earmarking process.

Their website is at www.ourcaucus.com


Things will get worse with McCain.

Things will get much worse with Obama. And that is why I am voting for Obama. For things will only get worse with McCain but they need to get much worse for us to survive as a nation.

Of course a statement like that needs an explanation. And I will do so in the form of an analogy. Do you know how to cook a frog? Well, if you put it in a pot of boiling water the frog will quickly jump out. But if you put a frog in a pot of water that is warm and turn up the heat gradually up to boiling the frog will just sit there not even realizing it is being boiled alive.

Obama is the one who puts the frog into the hot water and McCain is the one who turns up the heat gradually. With Obama his extremism will cause a backlash so great that America will start electing good leaders to oppose him. It happened in 1980 and it happened in 1994. And it will happen again.

But McCain he will really be the death of the Republican Party. As I said above things will get worse with McCain and therefore he and his party will get the blame. And then America will elect a Democrat in 2012. And if history has shown us anything it has shown that the Democratic Candidate has been getting increasingly extreme. So I can’t tell you who the Democrats will put up that year but I can tell you that person will be as extreme if not more extreme than Obama. So, how long are we putting off having an Obama-like candidate? Four Years?

And meanwhile McCain has shown that he wants to drive conservatives and conservatism away from the Republican Party. For those of us who believes that conservatism is the only solution to our country’s problems, it is unacceptable that neither of the two major parties represents conservative values.

So, I am left with the ultimate act of “tough love”. Not to say there aren’t hard times ahead for there is but that is true with McCain as well. But at least with Obama there is hope that things will get better after him. With McCain all hope is lost.

Pat Allen

I understand where Steve is coming from, and if I knew for sure what was going to happen in the next four years, maybe I could agree him. But I don't know what is going to happen, and that is why I support John McCain.

McCain with a Democratic Congress (and there will be more Democrats in the next Congress than we have in this one) won't be good. Obama with the next Congress would be a lot worse.

Maybe the Obama/Democratic Congress combination would be so bad that the Republicans could come back in 2012, but you can't count on a four-year presidency.

But even scarier is what we really don't know, which is what will happen in the rest of the world in the next four years. Who would have predicted 9/11? Bush's response, especially in Iraq, was not nearly as good as it could have been, but the wrong Democrat could have been so much worse.

I do not want to have another summit like John F. Kennedy had with Khrushchev in Vienna in 1961. That summit probably led to the Cuban missile crisis and maybe to how we entered Vietnam. And I certainly do not want another presidency like Jimmy Carter's. We are still dealing with some of the consequences of what happened in Iran and Afghanistan during his time in office.

While we cannot be sure what John McCain would do, we have a pretty good idea from his 20+ years in public life. All we have from Barack Obama is a bunch of feel-good speeches about how we are the change we have been waiting for – or something like that. I don't even know it means. Obama could be fine or he could be terrible. We have no idea. And it is not worth the risk.

As for the Republican Party, its problems and the solutions to those problems lie within itself. Getting rid of earmarks and controlling spending and believing in federalism do not require a Barack Obama presidency. We have to do that ourselves.

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