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April 06, 2009



Can you imagine the field day the MSM would have at Palin's expense if she didn't know that German was the language spoken in Austria? But, 0bama will be given a pass, just as he was given a pass when he lost his place on the teleprompter while in France the other day, had to stop and figure out where he was. This is the guy who the media swoons over, proclaiming him to be a great orator. Watching him give even the simplest of statements is like watching someone watching a slow motion tennis match, head moving from right to left, and back again. When he wanted to look like he was actually looking at the viewing public a week or so ago, he had a huge flat screen TV set up half way back in front of him, with his one minute worth of remarks printed on it. I've watched Palin deliver a 45 minute speech with only a few notes, and precious few quick glances at them, and without the annoying ummms, aaah's and errrr's that 0bama liberally sprinkles in his speaking when he's off the prompter.

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