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October 21, 2009




Nice article.

love, Jennie


As the person who went to Berlin in May with Pat, I want to add my thoughts. I feel very sad that President Obama does not have time to go to Berlin for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Even though I know that it shows only symbolic support for the fall of Communism, I think the US President's support is very important. It is important not to forget - just like it is important not to forget the Holocaust or D-Day. People were oppressed, separated from their families, tortured and died under communist rule. Part of President's Obama's lack of interest or lack of understanding, in addition to his age, may be that he is not as interested in Europe and does not remember the Cold War. When he was growing up, he was in Indonesia and Hawaii so he may not have the interest in Europe that many Americans have.

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