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March 05, 2011


Bill Nussbaumer

George Will's article was nothing more than partisan nonsense to provoke an emotional response that muddles reasonable and practical arguments on both sides regarding the way we spend money on transportation infrastructure.

By the way, I am typically more progressive and yes I do like trains. My experience riding them comes, not from Europe, but from frequent rides in the NE corridor of the U.S.. I do wish train travel was a more practical option for travel in the U.S. as I find it superior to cars or airplanes for mid distance travel (200 - 500 miles ish). I don't have to stare at the road for hours on end, I can read or sleep, I can get up to stretch my legs, use the restroom without stopping or get a drink from another car. Train stations are within the capability of small towns to build meaning a shorter local leg on my trip. There are a lot of truly practical reasons to prefer train travel.

Pat Allen

I like trains, too. I really enjoyed the train trip from Munich to Berlin last December, when we were on our vacation in Germany. With all the snow and everything, going through northern Bavaria was like The Polar Express. The problem with high-speed rail, as I said, is that government will have to pay to build it and then will have to subsidize it once it starts operating. We just don’t have the money to do that anymore.

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