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August 27, 2012


John Bernard

I would like to direct you to my Blog simply because I have speaking about the complexities of COIN dynamics and our inexplicable lack of desire to consider the possible affect of the prevailing religion (99% Islamic compliance), in the AO (Area of Operation).

While some might think General Allen was "doing a good job", the fact is he was only thee because he was fully prepared to carry the Adminstrations water. This might make him a loyal "servant" of Barrack Obama, but it is hardly an endorcement for his "qualifications" as the Commander of Troops in Afghanistan.

The fact is; he's a dolt. An educated dolt, yes but a dolt never-the-less. He has left our troops in an untenable situation make worse by an unreasonable ROE, a ridiculous vision for Afghanistan and an historically incorrect view of the religion thaty binds them all - Al Qaida an the Taliban included and the result has been a quickening of the declared enemy's morale and an associated uptick in attacks and "insider attacks".

Please visit www.letthemfight.blogspot.com for a more detailed explanation of the players, the religion and the criminally negligent conduct of our politicians and our General Grade Officers.

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